sisKMR calculates pre-insulated bonded pipes

sisKMR is based on a beam-element program with which the sections of 3-dimensional pre-insulated bonded pipe systems with any number of branches can be calculated taking non-linear reactions of the soil and expansion cushions into consideration. In addition sisKMR contains standard modules for the fast calculation of common geometrical pipe routing and compensation.

Special laying conditions can be considered such as:

  • Cold installation
  • Pre-heating
  • Twin pipes
  • One-time compensators
  • mechanical pre-stressing

Complex 3-dimensional pipe systems, also in combination of buried and above ground, ducts, compensators, all this and more can be covered in a pipework model.

… And all kinds of supported pipework in of district heating and power plant construction

With sisKMR all the typical supports implemented in all types of supported pipework system can be taken into account, such as:

  • Fixed point and anchors
  • pendulum support
  • Sliding support
  • Roller supports
  • Spring supports
  • End conditions
  • Tolerances
  • Different friction
  • Pre-stressing

In the calculation of load case, pre-displacements in the bedding and bearing points are taken into account so that friction and bedding reversal effects can be considered and included in the calculation of the load variation ranges (important for the fatigue analysis).

Included Standards:

  • EN 13480
  • EN 13941
  • AGFW- FW 401
  • ASME and AD(2000)-S2

The most important compensators as the following can be calculated:

  • Axial compensator
  • Angular compensator
  • Lateral compensator
  • One-Time-Compensator

Furthermore it’s possible to calculate

  • Point weight
  • Single loads
  • additional load

in all directions (like wind and snow loads).

Formula Calculation with sisKMR:

With the sisPipe module as an integral part of sisKMR, pipeline components can be dimensioned separately:

  • Straight pipe under internal pressure
  • Bend under internal pressure
  • Tee fitting under internal pressure
  • Reducer under internal pressure
  • Straight pipe under external pressure
  • Stepwise plastic deformation
  • Local buckling or folding
  • Global instability