We offer engineering services and integrated complete solutions for energy supply companies, municipalities and industry. The basic philosophy of GEF is to offer customers the broadest possible range of services in the area of heat supply. Our technical expertise covers all questions and concerns in the district heating industry.

Pipe Static Analysis

Do you need a pipe static design for your district heating planning? We offer you quick and flexible implementation of your task. For a cost estimate, we need an overview plan of pipe geometry, line lengths, design parameters and desired dates. In addition to creating pipe statics with sisKMR, we also offer processing with Rohr2©.


We offer planning services with a focus on district heating, route planning and generation and conversion systems.


We create studies, concepts, expert reports and advice such as

  • The creation of building-specific heat demand and consumption registers.
  • The conception of heat supply concepts
  • The conception and design of heating networks of any size.
  • The calculation and optimization analysis of thermo-hydraulic network operating states.
  • The optimization of generator assignments in interaction with existing network restrictions.
  • Asset simulations to determine optimal renovation cycles and replacement values.
  • Technical-economic due diligence procedure for the evaluation of heating networks
  • Organizational advice on improved controllability in cross-affiliated companies.
  • The development of contracting concepts for entire property complexes.
  • The development and implementation support of technical and economic turn-around processes.
  • The creation of studies on local, regional and national heat market strategies for administrations, investors, local authorities or the likewise.

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